Performance when reviewing in app

Recently there has been performance issues in the iOS app when learning or reviewing. Sometimes it is not possible to enter an answer for a few seconds after answering the previous one correctly, it only becomes possible to continue after the small firework animation in the top right corner has been shown. So the question is shown directly but nothing happens it you click on any buttons.

It happens frequently for me but not in every session. It’s been the case with the recent app builds on iPad with the latest iOS.

It’s one of many broken things in the iOS app just now. Has happened for months. You need to sometimes wait 10 seconds or so before you could get any UI interactions with the app.


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

In the attempt to fix this, can you please uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall it? This tends to refresh the system and solve the error.

If the issue persists after trying the steps above, please send us the following information:

  • Which course(s), levels, items or sections in the app this occurs with
  • Which device you are using
  • Which OS you are running
  • Which version of Memrise you are using (you can find this information at the bottom of your Settings in the app)
  • Does this happen both on Wifi and mobile data?
  • Do you have any screen recordings of the issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Memrise team

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@MemriseSupport I’ve uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled as suggested but the issue still remains.

iPad running 14.3 and app version 3.2.20. This performance issue occurs sometimes over all courses when learning, reviewing or doing difficult words.
Device is wifi only.

Hi @Marcus.W,

Thanks for getting back to us.

I’ve added your information to an existing bug we are aware of (internal code QA-733) with the app lagging and crashing. If you are able to get any screen recordings of the issue, please could you send them to the Support team at This would be very helpful for us to understand better, as this is not a problem we’ve faced in testing.

Many thanks,
Memrise team

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