Pause feature on decks

(Fionaxy Zhang) #1

Can the people at Decks please add a way to pause?

(Mila) #2

Hi @FionaxyZhang :slight_smile:

The pause button was discussed earlier, and Kevin5284 (Memrise Team) said that:

This response has already taken a few days, and we’re hoping that this can be resolved.

(DW7) #3

And here @FionaxyZhang :

[Feature Request] Decks: Pauze button during review (as in Memrise)

And this is my work-around temporay solution.

Decks website is live!

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(Mila) #4

Hi @FionaxyZhang :slight_smile:

Frabcus_Memrise (Developer at Memrise) posted that the pause button is back.

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