Partial matches

Previously (at least it seems so) partial matches were accepted – if the card has “to X”, typing “X” was enough, and vice versa. Now it is not the case anymore. I think that the change is about several days old, but I can not be sure. Can someone clarify this behaviour? It’s the same on the web and android, and it is really annoying.

This is a course setting. Are you, by any chance, talking about Advanced English (C1, C2)? If that’s the case then I’m the one who’s causing this as I’m currently editing the course (see the end of this thread). :grimacing:

If you’re talking about a different course, check whether there’s a forum thread. To do so, search for “[course forum] name” where “name” is the name of your course.


Yes, I am talking precisely about the Advanced English (C1, C2) course. Thank you for the link.

Alright, then search no further - you’ve found the one responsible for your pain. :wink:
But let me explain: the course is still full of inconsistencies. Sometimes you have to translate verbs with a leading “to” and sometimes not. Likewise you must sometimes prefix nouns with “a”/“an” and sometimes not. The changes I am presently conducting are meant obliterate those inconsistencies. Hopefully I will have finished these by the end of next week.
In addition to that I have made a bunch of corrections and also added or changed the odd audio file here and there.

Hopefully you’ll be able to cope with the bumps for the time being. I’m sure that, in the end, the changes will make the course easier to work on!


I’m happy to see that there’s progress going on with respect to the course. Though, my understanding is that you’re trying to fix the spelling of the word instead of making the matching mechanism more flexible. What’s the reason for it? Can’t we have both?

As this might be interesting to others who are working on the course I’ll follow up on the course thread itself, see my posting here.

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin would you like (some of ) these posts moved to your [Course Forum] ?

Or perhaps you’d like me to mark this as resolved (solution tick) and close there thread?

Happy to help IF you wish.

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Cheers, @DW7! I can’t move postings myself (and usually wouldn’t bother in most cases either). FWIW, there’s links back and forth so this shouldn’t matter all too much. Do as you see fit!

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Perhaps I’ll leave it here but close it so others don’t add.

Anyone visiting this thread, please use this thread shown below instead:

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