Pants versus underpants

(Lucasjtglover) #1

I’m using this app to learn German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Mexican Spanish. All of them are using pants in English to mean underpants. England is the only English speaking country that uses pants like that. Pants means trousers in most of the English speaking world. Anyone from Australia, NZ, America, Singapore, Canada, etc will be learning this word incorrectly in the languages they’re studying. My suggestion would be to write it as underpants instead of pants. Similarly, I don’t think any other country calls gumboots wellies. For a language app, I would assume there would be more understanding of word usage. I know that the English course is teaching British English which is fine. I wouldn’t expect anything to change with that. But most of the English speaking people studying other languages are not in the UK so I kind of feel like more universal terms should be used. Or write both as is done with many other words.