Other unnounced modifications? speed review and semicolon

  1. i*ve noticed yesterday (I am not sure since when is this happening, because I am using memrise not so often anymore) that speed review does not affect the number of items waiting for review anymore. Is this a bug or a feature?

this happens with all courses on my dash

  1. in my own Portuguese courses, semicolon “;” seems to have lost the separator function. For ex, the item “a doca; as docas” did not accept - as it should - “as docas”



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Hi @Hydroptere , I have a couple of German courses with the singular and plural forms of nouns separated with the semicolon, so the feature is valuable to me. It still appears to be working normally for me, although I do have to hit “enter” after typing in my answer (which is the way it’s been for years, I think).

For example, with the item: der Bruder; die Brüder = brother, I can type any of;
der Bruder
die Brüder
der Bruder; die Brüder

Maybe you were seeing a temporary glitch?

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About a month ago I saw the bug number one after classic reviews both on desktop and mobile versions, but it wasn’t my account so I don’t know if it still persists. On my side speed reviews work fine.

Hi all, the issue with Speed Review has been raised and will be looked at asap (WEBSITE-3681). Thanks for your patience.

@Hydroptere if you have more information about the issue - after trying the steps suggested by ian_mn - please let us know and specify at least one course we can try and reproduce this on.


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I actually saw this bug on Android today.

Hi Alessio @ale_c, in case it helps, I tested out the use of the semicolon using:

*Level 21 - Relationships (1.1F) - GCSE German Vocabulary - Memrise

on a PC running Google Chrome with Windows 10, and the feature seems to work normally for me.

the speed review issue persist: in A+ Indonesian (full audio) - by dawnoftime - Memrise
i had 37 items to review, after a full! speed review sesion (100 items) I still had 27 items waiting for review

similar (2) Fortgeschrittene 2/♪/ - by Hydroptère - Memrise

similar Italian Verbs - by AxlT - Memrise - 13 items for review, made speed review until 30, still 10 items in the review line left


when i have time, i’ll check the separator issue


btw, you could not replicate the “a doca; as docas” problem because I have introduced at that time “as docas”, “a doca” separately as invisible alternatives… of course you cannot replicate it there…

and still not solved. Semicolon does not function as separator in a number of courses, for example in my Malay courses…
today: “karang; batu karang = stone, coral stone” does not accept only one solution…

Greetings Overlord Hydroptère!
I’m the dev that introduced that feature a while ago, so I had a look into it.

It’s working fine for me, even though they have been removed from the alternatives.