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Anyone want to share their experience with sign languages of other countries?

I explained a bit about ASL’s relationship with French Sign Language in this post. Sometimes people assume that ASL is most similar to British Sign Language because of the shared spoken language, but it’s actually closer to FSL.

I know a little of the BSL alphabet, which actually uses two hands. I hear it’s good for preventing carpal tunnel!

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That would certainly be nice! My sister studied ASL for a bit, but she already had carpal tunnel, and I think doing ASL wasn’t very good for it.

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My ASL teacher said ASL is unique in the amount of fingerspelling it requires compared to other sign languages. I did find all the fingerspelling to make it more difficult to understand what people were saying since everyone’s hands are so different and some people are so limited in how they can do the letters.

I wasn’t able to continue the class for other reasons but I did find the excessive use of fingerspelling to be a con even though I enjoyed the language overall. I always wondered if I would have enjoyed another sign language more.

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