Other Memrisers who want to challenge each other? :)

(Sarah Alena) #1

Servus! :blush:
I’m Sarah, 22 years old and from Bayern (Germany).
I started to study Korean a few days ago. Also, I used Memrise before but never… seriously. I love to have challenges and saw this top-list (with friends). Unfortunately I don’t have any friends that want to learn languages for fun.
But I know that it would be awesome to see how others keep studying (if you lose motivation) and just get back on track again. I also love challenges so I bet that would keep me going.

So I really, really, REALLY hope that I can find some friends here. :slight_smile:
I’m sure it would make much more fun in a group of people learning languages. It don’t has to be Korean of course.
Maybe also a WhatsApp group with language learners? So if someone loses motivation the other ones can motivate the person to keep going and share study tips, etc. :smile:

If you like stuff like that, please message me! :slight_smile:

(PS: I love video games, so if you want to talk about that it’s also fine haha)

(Citizen484) #2

Hi Sarah :blush: the coincidence is hilarious. I’m 29, live in Hessen Germany, and am studying korean :laughing: I’d be happy to have a competition with you. My points are low right now, but they might improve on my 10 and a half hour flight to korea tomorrow :grin: game on!

(JiminieVKook) #3

I know I’m a bit late in finding your posts, but I am 18 and live in the United States; although I do have a friend that lives in Germany. I’m learning Korean (still a basic beginner), mostly just for fun, but also so that I can kind of understand Kpop songs and whatnot. If you’re still up to it, I’d be happy to play against you. I don’t know what a Whatsapp is, though.

(Zara Kambara) #4


Im a Sarah too im 30 and im learning English and Turkish.
I just play Video Games when i am Sick but. . . I loooved Max Payne 3.

Which language(s) aare you interested in? I could offer german.


I wish memrise would just add a messaging or chat system, that way people could communicate and learn from one another and find friends quicker, that and they could study with native speakers.

By the way, I’m unsure if you are still on here, But I;ve quit as well, for like two years in 2014 then another two years in 2016 and am only now finally taking learning Italian seriously went from only a small 300 in 2016 to 1300 words in two months this year in 2018.
And I’ve looked for people in the past who also like learning languages but never found anyone, well except one other person just last year about November on a review website, he is learning Japanese. Actually pretty good friends now.

But yeah if you want to be friends let me know, I mean Italian is way different then Korean but its still encouraging to know someone else is learning a language. By the way, my names chance rowley, you can find me on facebook with this same profile picture

(BlackParis) #6

Hey im from barcelona. I need to do the same, if its any rivality, learn a language is bored. If somebody wants we can create a WhatsappGroup. Just send me a DM.