“спасибо нет” or “нет спасибо”?

Beginning Russian student here. Your course only accepts " “спасибо нет” not “нет спасибо” My Russian native speaker friend couldn’t figure out why. Google says “нет спасибо” is used 40 times more than the alternative. One website (Russian Stack Exchange) stated, " Спасибо, нет typically shows that the speaker is actually not too grateful for the suggestion. The version Нет, спасибо sounds (depending on intonation) as a neutral to polite refusal (like, I’m grateful to you but have to refuse, I don’t want it). So okay, you are teaching the version with more sass. But maybe tell us that? And maybe don’t mark the alternative wrong? I’m more likely to say the polite one than the sassy one most of the time!

Hi @ElizabethLilly10,
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Have fun learning Russian.