"Oops, you haven't finished your lesson!" Emails and notifications

I know this isn’t android specific since it involves emails and probably the IOS app, so I apologize if this isn’t the right spot for it. I’m also not sure if this is an actual bug or just bad design.

I get these emails, and also notifications on my phone, literally while I am in the middle of a session, or I notice them hours after finishing.

For example, I was just in the middle of a review, using the website so I can actually practice typing, that included 77 words, and my phone vibrates. I pull it out of my pocket, and it is the memrise app with the notification “Oops, you haven’t finished your lesson!

Is there some way to disable these specific notifications and the emails? Few things are more annoying to me than someone telling me to do something while I am already in the process of doing it, or have already done it.

I don’t want to disable emails and notifications completely as I do appreciate reminders (e.g. if I haven’t touched memrise and only have a few hours to maintain a streak…)

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There is a way to turn off notifications via system settings. Why Memrise is reluctant to implement in-app toggle is a big question, they know about this problem for quite a long time, but as it appears, not willing to solve it. Such an innovative app. :slight_smile:

As for e-mails, somewhere near the end of those letters there is an unsubscription link in small print. Just check it. Also, If you are talking about discount letters I agree, they are sending them too often, and discount does not mean much, because it’s their regular offer.

There actually is a settings group for notifications in the (Android) app, these have been introduced a while ago.
So, @semiju, tap the person/head-icon on the top right, then tap gear-icon (again, on the top right). Scroll down to find the reminder settings - you can opt to get them at a certain time and on certain days, or you can disable them completely (which is what I have done).

You are talking about ‘alarm clock’ notifications, but there’s also everyday text push-notifications in regards to your streaks, which you simply can’t turn off.

Update: prolly you have it in the premium?

I actually want to keep notifications. I know it may sound silly, but losing a long streak can hurt my motivation. I’d just deal with the annoyance rather than disabling them.

Oddly, I haven’t noticed these specific notifications / emails in about a week. It’s weird that I even I only see them either hours after finishing whatever I was doing in Memrise, or literally while I am in the process of going through a session. Initially, I thought it was sending them if you took longer than say 10-15 minutes to complete a session, regardless if it is something that could easily take longer. Depending on what I am doing, and if I have anything else going on, I’ll regularly take 45 minutes for a session.

Hmm, I don’t get these, and I never changed anything as far as I can remember. The only emails I receive from Memrise are their Blog messages - these are a bit annoying as I receive them in countless languages, but hey …

Two different things. Memrise is sending push notifications about your streaks somewhere after midnight, and you can’t turn them off via app. Why you are not getting them, I don’t know. Perhaps, you have turned them off via system settings. Interesting moment - these notifications are only work for new streaks, like, from one day to week. You are not getting them for old streaks.

Then there’s emails. I’m getting quite regularly emails with discount announcements. You don’t have them, because you have a premium account. @semiju also has other emails, I guess he’s subscribed to “you’ve learned x words, it’s time to review, blah-blah-blah” emails.

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