Ongoing issues after yesterday's outage: learning statistics and images

Last update: 14.25 GMT, 12/Aug/2021

All issues have now been fixed:

  • :white_check_mark: Fixed: Some images in the app and on the website were broken/could not be displayed
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed: Learning statistics were not recording and displaying your learning events
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed: Shortened links via our service (e.g. are not working at the moment

Keep an eye out on this thread and this article for any further updates.


I’m not able to keep track of my exercises. Last streak counter/time is also 0 in Learning statistics.


Same — spent 90 minutes doing exercises and none of it has registered.


Same here - time spent doing exercises isn’t registered, and it looks like my streak will be lost.

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I’ve got the same problem as other users writing above. It is quite annoying that I’ve also lost the “Current streak” on the Learning stats. Sending the screenshots.

The issue is not resolved for me. I have worked on Memrise for approx half an hour today and streaks are maintained on the 5 courses - in which I’m running streaks. What concerns me though is that I have NO hours or minutes recorded for doing anything on Memrise today at all.

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Same thing here. The learning history is no longer tracked since yesterday’s incident. The reviews I just did do not appear in my learning history.

I’m happy to confirm that the below issues are now fixed:

  • :white_check_mark: Fixed: Some images in the app and on the website might be broken/not be displayed
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed: links via our service (e.g. are still not working

Outstanding issue:

  • :warning: Learning statistics (Working on it): Our engineers are well into the fix to restore the learning statistics feature. We’re gradually releasing the fix to all our customer base, so hang tight!

I’ll post further updates as I know more. Thanks again for your patience.



:white_check_mark: Learning statistics are now being recorded as expected.

With this one, all outstanding issues have been fixed. If you keep experiencing issues, please let me know.



FWIW, in my Android app, all streaks are intact (green streak-count in the course overview), but on the web 4 of the courses that show as OK on the app do not show “Goal complete” on the web …
All applicable to today’s goals.