On sucessful writting of a word, the skip should not be automatic

When we write difficult words in Thai for example but I assume that in Chinese it would be the same etc… and we succeed, yeah, Memrise skip immediately to the next assuming that this word is ok. Well that not right. I personnaly want to reenforce the memorisation of the good writing and go to the next when I am sure I have done this mental exercise. So I would like a button to click, fast when I already know the word or after a while when I need more memorisation. A button would be better than a little delay decided by the program and skip. Its too fast sometime, other time its ok, so its bad because I am the one that uses this interface and I would expect it to follow my own personal rythm. For now this fast-skip is annoying sometimes and make me loose memorisation opportunities.
May be you can offer an option ; automatic skip or a skip button
Thank you in advance

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