On "Named organic reactions"

The course “Named organic” developed by Mr.Tallon and batsteve probably represents the most dynamic way to facilitate the tedious work of memorising named reactions to college students.

Despite the wide range of reactions covered, I missed some important general reactions. I strongly suggest the authors add these reactions in order to improve this course and make it even more challenging and educative. (I know the list is quite long but it will be worth it)

  1. Adkins-Peterson reaction
  2. Akabori amino acid reactions
  3. Alkyne trimerisation
  4. Alkyne zipper reaction
  5. Angeli-Rimini reaction
  6. Andrussow process
  7. Bamberger rearrangement
  8. Barton reaction
  9. Barton-Kellogg reaction
  10. Béchamp reduction
  11. Benary reaction
  12. Bergman cyclisation
  13. Blaise reaction
  14. Boudroux reaction
  15. Boudroux-Chichibabin aldehyde synthesis
  16. Boord olefin synthesis
  17. Büchner ring expansion
  18. Carrol rearrangement
  19. Catellani reaction
  20. Chichibabin pyridine synthesis
  21. Chugaev elimination
  22. Mozingo reduction
  23. Darzens reaction
  24. Doering-LaFlame allene synthesis
  25. Duff reaction
  26. Étard reaction
  27. Glycol cleavage (or Malaprade reaction)
  28. Haller-Bauer reaction
  29. Jones oxidation
  30. Kornblum oxidation (or Sommelet reaction)
  31. Leuckart reaction
  32. Nierestein reaction
  33. Olah reagent
  34. Prévost reaction
  35. Ramberg-Bäcklund reaction
  36. Seyferth-Gilbert homologation

P.D. I would like to note a little mistake in the “Meewein Ponndorf Verley reaction”; The response needs an additional “N” to “ponNdorf”.

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