Offline progress gets overwritten

The issue I would like to report is that if you download a course and then work on it while offline (for me this was an ipad), and then before connecting that device to the internet you open the memrise app on another device (for me this was an android phone) which doesn’t yet know about the progress you made offline on the first device (ipad), and then later you connect the original device (ipad) to the internet and open memrise, all the progress you made offline will be overwritten as if you hadn’t learned any new words while offline.

Could this be fixed so that when there is a clash between the offline progress of a course and its online progress that the higher one is always prioritised?


I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you so they can file a bug-report.


I agree this is not the ideal behaviour. Although I won’t be able to confirm if or when this will be changed/improved, please rest assured that I will raise it to the team and create a ticket for the issue to be investigated further.

Thanks for spotting this.

In the meanwhile, please remember to connect your device to the internet at least once before you make progress on a different device.

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I think the same thing happened to me.
I was in an area with no signal for a month and had courses downloaded and kept them up. The streak counts are still the same on both phones I use, but on the web they’ve started counting from zero.
Do I need to request a streak restore for the web only?