Offline pro won't download courses

Offline pro won't download courses

I just recently purchased Pro, like yesterday, and I can download part 2 to ASL but I cannot download part one. That's the only reason I bought pro so I can download my courses offline, because I spend most of my time without internet or cell signal. So far Pro has been a negative 5 stars for me.

Can anyone help?


This is a known problem and Memrise knows about that but stated that:

Hi there. The team has been working very hard to completely improve the way offline works and deliver a great experience in a feature that we know you all really appreciate. We are on the latests stages of development. We are trying to get this out smoothly but we will ask for your feedback as we want to hear what you think and address any issues promptly should they arise. I will keep you updated as soon as we get it out to all users.