Offline pro version not working


I bought the pro upgrade but the offline mode is not working. I’ve signed in and out, deleted and re-downloaded the app with no effect. Can somebody help me?

I have the same problem!
I bought the pro version but until now the offline mode doesn´t work.
I just hate it!
I wrote an email to Memrise, and I want my money!
Did you write an email?

I figured out I was dl them wrong, be sure to download the courses in the settings first the same way you do with offline Netflix or Spotify I was just assuming all the courses would work before- now I’m really really happy with the product everything works perfectly

Hope you sort it out!

Hello, I am a Pro member and have downloaded French courses. As mentioned in your thread, it does not work offline on my phone. I have iPhone 6S with 10.3.2 version. Could you guide me how you managed to sort this issue? Kindly note I have no experience with offline Netflix/spotify either. Thanks.