Offline Improvements

Offline mode had been causing you headaches for a while now. We heard your feedback on how you were unable to download courses, how the downloads would fail midway, and even how when you were finally able to download, offline mode would just not work. Unacceptable. We’re sorry we let you down.

To tackle those problems we closely monitored offline mode, for a long time, but it proved really tricky to find a good solution. That made us realise that we just needed to rebuild the mode from scratch. Knowing that it made you all so unhappy was definitely not a proud moment, and the only thing to do was to get it to work.

Today, it makes me really happy to announce that the last few updates we’ve done to the apps include a new, improved, and fully functional offline mode. After monitoring the download failure rates and we feel confident that you are going to like what you experience. We’ve also added some thresholds for specific problems that some of you were reporting. You can download multiple courses at once or even courses that perhaps have a corrupted asset. Everything should be working nicely.

In a couple of days you will receive a new update with these changes so I’d like to encourage you to update and let us know what you think. We’ll be paying close attention to this one, of course, as small hiccups could happen. We’re keen to hear your feedback!

As always, thank you for your feedback and your patience.



I just went ahead and tapped the download icon for a bunch of courses in my Android app. The first one I tapped was a 5k words course that I had never been able to download (and it did! :smiley:). However, all the courses that I/were queued, didn’t.

So I downloaded two smaller courses (804 and 684 words each), but - again - only the first one in the queue was downloaded.

Hence: well done - downloading finally works again (cheers!), but you can’t seem to do so for more than one course at a time.


Are you sure that fixing bugs is a good idea? I’m afraid there’s so much activity in your London office, that it’s expected to have a heatwave somewhere near, or, what is worse, the Earth just might go off its axes, because it’s such unusual behavior. Thanks, anyways. :slight_smile:


sorry, maybe I was not as clear as I intended but you will get a new update in a couple of days with the last batch of these improvements, so please do let us know when you get it and try :slight_smile:


It has been 10 years since Memrise was launched. China landed on the moon. SpaceX launched falcon heavy. Iphone and androids… Bunch of new EVs, self driving, Tesla stock bursting. Bitcoins exploding. Multiple coups, revolutions and wars. Trump is getting reelected. Putin is in the middle of his 4th term and building nuclear propulsion engines…
Meanwhile, Memrise has fixed 2 bugs, removed mem ratings and gave us a beach holiday design. Busy people :slight_smile:


Will you also fix the offline streak issue? When I go on vacation and I don’t have access to wifi everyday, the streak will go on but as soon as I go back online, my streak vanishes. This has been going on for years and on different devices.

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That’s probably because sadly far too many people care more about those energy-guzzling vehicles and shady investment schemes rather than in quality education for all. I’m paying just about 50 EUR/year for Memrise and I imagine ad revenues from free users are rather minimal. And this is even though Memrise is definitely one of the most popular learning platforms (and the best one where you can learn not only languages)!

I think you’ll be happy to read this, but short answer, it should be fixed and you should get it in the next few weeks :slight_smile:


Not fixed yet. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

Hi @Jonas181,

Thanks for reaching out.

Is it offline mode you are experiencing issues with, or the Streaks issue linked above?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Support team via the app (Profile - Settings - Help), so we can look into your issue further.

Kind regards,
Memrise team