Offline alternative Memento

Isn’t that basically the “Ignore” option? You can ignore an item so that it is never tested on until you un-ignore it.

I’m not sure if this is relevant, but there is also the “individual auto learn” option

You can see it on the top right

Imagine this scenario:
You are learning a level which has both words you do know and ones you do not know. However, you don’t want to ignore them, but at the same time you don’t want to waste time learning them again. In this case, you just press the auto learn button (or keyboard shortcut) and the word will be auto-learned as if you spent 5 tests on it and you will not be tested on it for the remainder of the session.

However this option is disabled by default and you have to enable it from the settings.

This is only available during a planting session though (I.E. when learning an item for the first time). It is not visible during watering (review) because during watering you only need to answer it once anyways. But if you don’t want to be tested on it, you can just ignore it. Ignoring a word will not delete your progress on it.

Auto-learn option is good. I’ll check it in the settings.

Is there also some “No typing” option?

Like when I do not have the right keyboard available, I might like to disable all testing by typing.
Alternatively, when I do have the keyboard, but never figured out how to type on rare diacritic by it, so I do not want to be tested typing only those few words that contain it.

I have just the thing for you - play around with these options


Multiple choice tests are like this

or this

or this

Meanwhile typing tests are like this

In other words you have to use your own keyboard

And tapping tests are like this

Basically the same as the above, but with randomized unordered characters you can use to type in the correct answer.

You can leave only one type of test enabled if you wish. And if you enable multiple types of tests, one will be chosen at random every time

Also I recommend checking out the help page to learn some PC shortcuts to help you navigate the app faster.

Ah, I did not see what you wrote while I was typing :slight_smile:

My languages are Bulgarian (native), English, Japanese, Mandarin and bits of Russian.

I’ve already tested scraping courses with Latin letters, Chinese characters, Japanese alphabet, Cyrillic and Hebrew and they all work fine.

But I don’t know what you mean by the cards being mangled. Can you show an example?

And yes, you can batch download multiple courses (as long as they don’t have conflicting names which for now requires manual intervention). You just have to give it multiple URLs like this

python URL_1 URL_2 URL_N
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One minor suggestion: Perhaps the “refresh on startup” should be enabled by default. The first-time user might get unnecessarily puzzled why s/he does not see any courses

Prekrasno. Az tykmo shto kupih bileta za Bylgariq :slight_smile:

Meždu drugoto, az po veče polzvah Anki, koito e offline i moga da si pravq svoite decks. No počnah da polzvam Memrise za radi nqkakvi kursove koito users sa gi napravili. No ne mi se struva memrise tolkova dobyr app, kolkoto iskat da vzimat pari za upgrade koito pozvolqva polzvane offline.
Mnogo ti blagodarq na app-a.
Ako edin den šte e vyzmožno syšto da editiram kartite (ima dosta, koito sa sys greški), šte stava super-app :slight_smile:
Ili da ima vyzmožnost Memento kursovete da gi konvertiram v Anki decks, ili Anki decks da konvertiram v Memento kursove!
Pozdravi ot Čehiq i slava na Memento.
Trqbva da drugi users da go namerqt. (I da ne go nameri Memrise company, sigurno štqha da napravqt nešto da ne e vyzmožno scrape kurzovete ot saita)

Всъщност възможно е да едитваш информацията в курса - просто отвори JSON файла и промени текста. Но си направи копие за всеки случай предварително ако случайно развалиш файла.

English for everyone else
It is possible to edit the course. The .json (learning levels) and .md (multimedia levels) are literally plaintext files. You can open them with any text editor and change the information in them. Just make a copy of the file beforehand just in case you break the file so that you have a backup you can restore.

The app is in a very early state so right now it does not have the functionality to edit courses or levels, but you can edit the courses yourself by just opening and changing the files with any text editor.

The main data is located in the seedbox.json file and the levels simply reference items from the seedbox by their IDs.

Anyways, goodnight for now.

Just deleted most of my replies above to make it easier for anyone else interested in this wonderful app to navigate through the Windows-related instructions above.
(Would delete more, but the web told me I did the same step to many times and must wait 24 hours to delete more. Stupid )

Win - > Android Qs:

  1. Having scraped courses into a directory on a Windows PC, can one just copy that directory onto an microSD card and insert it into a phone, after installing the Android version, or will I have to run the scraping script on the phone again?

  2. Using the app on two devices, how could I keep the progress (or at least the ignore/autolearn on individual cards) synchronized? Are there particular files I could keep copying from a device to device to keep all the learning information synced?

The Android app is exactly the same, so you could download the courses on PC and copy them to any location on your phone where you have permission to read and write.

Unfortunately, because the app is offline and all files are privately managed by the user, this means that the user is personally responsible for keeping them safe and synchronized across their devices. Progress is saved only on the json files in the levels folder of every course.

Here’s how I personally sync progress between my PC and phone:
I’ve installed the app Termux on my Android phone which starts a miniature Linux terminal in a container. In this container I’ve installed openssh and rsync. So, at any time, when my phone is connected to the same network as my PC, I can transfer only the differences between the course files on my PC and on my phone over the network through ssh with this command executed on my PC

rsync --verbose --progress --human-readable --omit-dir-times --no-perms --recursive --inplace --exclude '*.png' --exclude '*.jpg' --exclude '*.mp3' --checksum -e 'ssh -p 8022' '/home/user/Documents/Memento courses/Courses/' "'/storage/emulated/0/Memento-courses/'"

Or I can do the reverse and copy from my phone to my PC like this

rsync --verbose --progress --human-readable --omit-dir-times --no-perms --recursive --inplace --exclude '*.png' --exclude '*.jpg' --exclude '*.mp3' --checksum -e 'ssh -p 8022' "'/storage/emulated/0/Memento-courses/'" '/home/user/Documents/Memento courses/Courses/'

In my case, the whole operation needs only 5 seconds to finish even when checking over 2000 files for differences.

Though making this setup on Windows is again going to be a little more complicated than Linux or MacOS because the necessary tools like rsync are not built in and are slightly harder to install manually.

But you could keep the files synchronized in any other way you like, such as copying them over USB or syncing them via a cloud storage provider whose Android application allows for 2-way syncing.

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Using Memento:

Found how to autolearn individual cards as well as entire level.
Found how to ignore all cards in a level.
Cannot figure out how to IGNORE INDIVIDUAL cards. - ???

What do you mean? You just press the ignore from the dropdown menu in a level and then click the ignore button next to the items you want to ignore.

Ups, I misunderstood the ignore button for an icon meaning “ignored”.

In that case I do not know how to do the opposite: IGNORE ALL ITEMS IN A LEVEL


Oh well actually I don’t have a way to automatically ignore everything at the moment. You can either manually ignore everything one by one, or you can open the level json file and search and replace "ignored": false" with "ignored": true"

Downloading some more courses, I got this:

Scraping level count
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files (x86)\Memento_Windows_10_64-bit_v0.5\helper_scripts\”, line 73, in
course = MemriseCourse(a, destination)
File “C:\Program Files (x86)\Memento_Windows_10_64-bit_v0.5\helper_scripts\”, line 75, in __ init__
lastLevelUrl = soup.find_all(“a”, class_ = “level”)[-1][“href”]
IndexError: list index out of range

Just in case it is relevant, the above happened after executing this:

python -m -d “C:\Users\jakub\Documents\memrise-kurzy_naMEMENTO” Tibetan Colloquial - by tashi.aitken - Memrise Tibetan Language Beginners Course Book - by Lourey - Memrise Oertle - CHP5 & CHP6 & chp7 - Spoken TIbetan - - Memrise Tibetan; Amdo - by TanWeiGuang - Memrise Eyes of Worlds - Classical Tibetan Words - by KungaSonamLhundrup111 - Memrise Eyes of Worlds - Titles and Texts - by KungaSonamLhundrup111 - Memrise Eyes of Worlds - Buddhist Terminology - by KungaSonamLhundrup111 - Memrise Hodge - An Introduction to Classical Ti… - by KungaSonamLhundrup111 - Memrise Introduction to Classical Tibetan - by deactivated user - Memrise Buddhist Tibetan Vocabulary 1 - by Soarr - Memrise Sounds of the World's Languages - by worrybugger - Memrise

As a result, none of the courses got saved, after all that time it spend downloading them.

It appears the problem is that the script is not built to handle courses that have only one level. But all the other courses before that one should have been saved