Official Spanish Course Review Misbehaving Today

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“Words Ready For Review” stuck on 6, preventing me from completing the required actions for today.Original total due for review was 57. I used Speed Review mode at first. On exiting Speed Review, the revised total showing as ready for review did not reflect in full the number already reviewed. When the total eventually dropped to 6 it stuck there. I switched to ordinary Review (typing tests) and the number remained stuck at 6.

Also, during Speed Review, I kept getting 5 and 6 options to pick from. Some included duplicated answers and some included duplicated numbers for different answers.

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    Using Samsung laptop, Windows 10, Firefox.

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    Exited and went back in. Same situation.

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I’ve experienced a problem in my speed review today (also Spanish official). I’ll attach the image here, maybe it’s related to @alanh’s issue someway.

Using Ideapad laptop, Linux Pop OS 22.04, Firefox v 110.0.1 (64 bits)

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Yes. I was getting that, too. Sometimes with 6 options to pick from, including duplicate numbers (for different answers). I’ve edited my original post to mention this.

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Thank you Alanh and Bramyr for reporting these issues.
These issues should be fixed now, sorry about that!
Happy learning!

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Hello @AlexisTheGalaxy,

Was the Spanish 1 (from English) updated? Now it shows me 415 / 440 words learned, but I’ve already completed the entire course. The 25 ‘new’ words are actually, err, not new.
Besides that, there are 10 ignored words, but I didn’t ignore any of them (I looked at each sub level and it shows no ignored).

@alanh, have you had the same problem?


I have the same problem in my official courses. It has something to do with ignored words. These words which reappeared to learn are the ones which you ignored in the other courses. This ignore feature is not working well (since it was rebuilt some time ago).

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@Hombre_sin_nombre, thanks for the response.

That’s odd, because I didn’t ignore any words in any Spanish course. So far, I’ve finished Spanish 1, 2, 3 and 4 (and now my Spanish 2 also shows 6 ignored words :roll_eyes:).

Another question, take a look at my screen shot below. In my Spanish 5 (sublevels 12, 13, 14, 15, 18 and 19) some bar graphs are already ‘started’. Does that mean I’ve already learned these words in another Spanish course?

This is certainly the case for me. I ignored words some months ago in the other course (community course), then I see that the same words in the official course are marked as not learned. What is interesting is that these words reappeared in the app, not on the website. So maybe my issue is not exactly the same.

Yes, it looks this way. I’d check these levels for duplicates. It could be that some words or phrases are duplicated in this course. There was auto-ignore feature which Memrise removed, this feature allowed to auto-ignore duplicates. Could be related.

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I’m also experiencing the review being stuck on 6 items in the German course on Microsoft edge. It’s the same on 2 different computers that I’ve tried. It will let me keep reviewing and pulling random words but won’t ever show review as complete, just stuck on 6 left.

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The same thing happens in the French and Russian courses when doing the speed review. It has been going on for days and as of now is still a problem.

Hello, alanh! Thank you for reporting the issue and for describing it in details. Our Engineering team has applied some fixes today. We would greatly appreciate if you assisted us with user testing. Please confirm that (1) you do not get stuck in your learning session (2) the number of distractors is 4 for each learnable item during either Speed Review or normal review sessions. Thank you very much in advance! - Quality Assurance at Memrise

Hi Alesia. Yes, it’s behaving as it should in both respects. Thank you.

Alanh, thank you for finding time to check and confirm. Happy learning to you! - Best Regards, Quality Assurance Team at Memrise

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