Official Memrise Hebrew Course?

I’ve searched high and low for any information about upcoming official Memrise courses related to Hebrew and I can’t seem to find anything. Is there any news about whether or not this is in the works?


There isn’t one. I’ve gone through all the Hebrew courses that are available, both in English to Hebrew and French to Hebrew. I’d dearly love to have one, though.


שלום shalom
what’s better about an official course?
what makes the difference? I really don’t know.


I’d like an official Membrise course:
1- About contemporary Hebrew, not biblical Hebrew
2- Created with a real pedagogical approach
3- With a goal towards becoming more or less fluent, rather than simply showing words one after the other.
4- Without Nikkuds

Since I do not know anything about Hebrew (except the אלף בית, and about 300 words), I am not knowledgeable enough to pass judgment on the quality of a course.

An official course might give me some reassurance that the time I invest will bring better result than trusting any course I see and flipping a coin.

Professional voice recordings, more reliable release of new content, more accurate content

The best unofficial Hebrew course on Memrise is riddled with grammar and pronunciation errors. There are some coding issues where the correct response is not automatically accepted. The release of new lessons is very sparse as well.

It’s better than nothing, but, we really could use an official course and all the support that entails.



I would like to see both Modern & Biblical Hebrew although I think Modern is more suited for this platform. I agree with your other statements except for perhaps the Nikkud. I believe it is very useful for a beginner. Learning to read with the nikkud has been very beneficial to me for pronunciation and learning how the language functions. Maybe an option to turn the nikkud on or off could please both crowds.

I also share your frustration and only discovered the inaccuracy of many of the unofficial Hebrew courses on Memrise after learning from other more reliable sources.


hello Endless
which course do you recommend? You have more reliable source? Please share!
I like this one

and this

Honestly, Duolingo is decent if you read the grammar tips before each lesson and pair it up with this memrise course to help memorize the vocabulary:

I also recommend watching Hebrew television and listening to music as well. You pick up more than you realize just hearing natives use the language. If you have Amazon Prime I would recommend Srugim for learning everyday language. Or you can check out:

Although, fair warning, they do not have English subtitles.

If you’re really new this book is great for learning the alef-bet and how to read Hebrew:

What else… NEMO - Hebrew is a good phone app for building vocabulary. Drops is another app for vocabulary that is good especially if you’re a visual learner. Tandem or HelloTalk can be used to talk to Israeli natives when you’re ready for that.

This youtube channel is great for conversational Hebrew. He has worksheets and a Memrise course to go with it:

The course:

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Thank you very much!
תודה רבה

Hi, I’m the creator of the Hebrew Duolingo course. Thanks for your feedback.


is there anything we can do to help Memrise develop an official Hebrew course with all the PRO features ? Maybe crowdfunding ? Thanks

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Maybe this can help as a first step to raise interest for an official course: