Official Greek Couse

When can we get an official Greek course? I don’t find the community created ones to be too helpful.


Hi yes, an official Greek course would be great. I’d definitely pay to get pro if this becomes an option.


Official Greek course has vote from me too! All Greek courses are great, but most of them offering only words, not usefull phrases.

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An official Greek course would be great, so we can use all the pro features.

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Yes! I find the current selection of Memrise courses to be small, would love to see Ελλενικά

Although it would be great to have an official Memrise Modern Greek course, I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon. This thread was started >10 months ago and no response from anyone at Memrise.

Why not band together and create one?

Learning to create a course it not that difficult, but it is time consuming! You have to be dedicated and you have to have a forum where users can submit questions, changes, corrections, etc. I recently wrote a post in the “1692 most important words in Greek” forum where I outline the process I use when creating a course. If you’re interested you (anyone here who’s posted in this thread) could create a course, invite others to be contributors, and collaborate on creating something long overdue! I would be happy to contribute, but I really cannot take on the challenge of creating another course right now. I have invested literally hundreds of hours in the courses I’ve created and/or maintain, and it is worth the effort, but it is effort that is required.


Hello Neal,
I, and a small team of others, would like to create a course that will complement the new course that is being developed in Duolingo, for English speakers learning Greek.

We are very impressed with your work and enormous effort that you have developed here.

Currently we are on a learning curve - that we have just commenced - with how we will do this.
Any input you might have, we would greatly appreciate.

I am wondering, would you be comfortable with us also being inspired by the course you have developed ? We are a volunteer team that is creating this course. And from what I have so far seen of your work, would you be comfortable with us copying relevant individual words that you have constructed, to go into the memrise course we are in the process of developing, to complement the Duolingo course, that also is provided on a crowd saucing platform ?

We also welcome input from others in the creating of this memrise course. Bearing in mind it is being developed to complement the one that is being developed in Duolingo.

Linda et al,

I’m all for people creating more Greek language courses. You are talking about a Memrise course, correct? I’d recommend you start by going through the post I have linked in my previous message before you do anything. One of the serious issues in Memrise is that many of the courses are poor quality, not maintained, don’t have forums where learners can participate and make suggestions and corrections or are just generally just not much value. One thing I learned early on is that a course without audio is not of much value and many learners will not even sign up for or stay enrolled in a course without audio. I won’t.

When you talk about Duolingo, are you referring to the basic Greek course? Or is there another course? Can you provide either a title or a link here?

I’ve uploaded an updated worksheet just recently that contains all of our vocabulary, parts of speech, example sentences, etc:

The things you don’t get from the worksheet are the “Alts” and the audio.

Good luck in your endeavor.

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Thank you, in so many regards. I do have access to the audio you have included in your memrise course.

I am “new/learning” how to use memrise.
My main concern is that you are ok for me to also use the same audio that you have in your memrise course, in a course that I am going to be creating here in memrise.
As a volunteer, I also have connections with Duolingo, and I am seeking to improve the learning potential of people by echoing and enriching lessons that are covered in Duolingo, here in Memrise. And yes - I am talking about the basic Greek course in Duolingo. We are also in process of creating an updated version of the existing course that is in Duolingo.

Also - I am in LOVE with your spreadsheets. They are key always to my learning journies. Thank you also for sharing them. And I am very happy to share mine with you. (though I have not yet created them - but I will be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Actually, you do, you just may not realize it. Let me explain. When you’re reviewing a word and you see the small speaker icon you can download it by right-clicking and doing “Save As”.

The problem with this is the file-naming is odd, I just tried it and it saved the file as: 4137513_150930_2241_57.mp3 - not very user friendly. Alternatively you can go to Forvo (of which you must be a member, and if you’re not yet, you should be!) and type in the word. From there you can download the .mp3 audio. I explained this in my write-up, bullet #5. Please read that again.

I would suggest you start small, create a ‘test’ course and if you wish you can make me a contributor and I may be able to provide some suggestions and help. There are plenty of tricks which should be covered in:

but you will learn best by jumping in what I like to call the “deep end of the pool”. Μου αρέσει να κολυμπά στο βαθύ άκρο της πισίνας.

Thank you for … ever so many things.
I am still finding my feet. And I am starting off with getting my audio in order through working on a version of your spreadsheet.

Yes I did join Forvo - just a few days ago. I am also still finding my feet there as well.

I have ideas in my head of what I want to create a deck for, and for myself, firstly, I have to get my spreadsheet up - for what I am wanting to create. When I do this, I will share this also with you.

Also I am so thrilled to hear that you would be ok to assist me, and I will add you to be able to help. I love working in teams.
As we get our feet on this, I am hoping some of the other volunteers in the Duolingo team, will also be joining of creating this deck.

We are going to be creating the deck to support the course that is in development in Duolingo. It is not yet completed, so also not yet released ;P. It is a significant restructure that we are doing.

Thank you again for all your amazing support. I can not express adequately how thankful I am.

And I agree - I am going to need to jump in the deep end soon.
Also I am going to ask the team if we can add this sentence to the developing Greek course. “Μου αρέσει να κολυμπά στο βαθύ άκρο της πισίνας.” :swimming_woman: :swimming_man:

ps. once I get my master spreadsheet under some sort of control, I will be opening up editing rights as well. Just while I am initially setting up - I find it can be hard for me if others add/modify things, until I have my system set up.

This may, or may not be an intelligent question to a Greek. It is really a literal translation of the English, so you might want to run it by a native speaker first :slight_smile:

Ta for the heads up :slight_smile:
I am one of the odd ones out in the team - not being a native Greek speaker. And - yes - I ensure my team, of which I am just a minor member off, reads over everything.

Thank you Neal for all the amazing things you do for language learning.

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Hey guys, OP here. It’s been over a year since I’ve created this thread and I’m now an A1/A2 Greek speaker. I’d be happy to lend a hand to any courses providing translations if needs be.