Official Courses now missing from the "Courses" list on my profile

(Rainbow Meow Face) #1

I searched around but couldn’t find a similar issue in any bug forum threads.

The official memrise courses I am using used to appear in my profile in the “courses” section (on the website), but now only the user created ones are appearing. (I am actively using Mandarin 1 and Mandarin 2 by memrise). These courses are still present everywhere else they would normally be, just not listed in there.


Hi @RainbowMeow

I think it is because Memrise are in the process of replacing their 1 and 2 courses with revised versions. You will only see courses listed in your profile that are available in the main course list (for selecting new courses to learn).

I have something similar with my ‘official’ Spanish Courses. I have been learning Spanish(Spain)1 to 6 for a long time and then found they had revised Spanish(Spain) 1 and Spanish(Spain)2 recently. I have since started the ‘new’ Spanish(Spain)1 course to learn the new content but have yet to start the ‘new’ Spanish(Spain)2. My profile currently lists the ‘new’ Spanish(Spain)1 - plus 3, 4, 5 and 6 - but not my ‘old’ Spanish(Spain)1 or Spanish(Spain)2, because those versions no longer appears on the main course list for selection.

I think you are experiencing something similar. If you go to the course selection list and take a look at the content of the first couple of levels in Mandarin 1, I think you will notice some differences.

Hope this helps!