Official course now paywalled on the Android app?

I’m a disabled user and I have been a Memrise user for many years. In this past year I’ve been relying on the Android app for daily practice that is accessible to me with my disabilities, but now several of the official courses that I have been working on over the past several months are paywalled and I am not allowed to learn any new words. I never received any notice that this change would happen, either via the app or my email. As a disabled person, I live on a very tight budget and the Pro sub, which I have had in the past, is too much of an expense for me at this moment, especially right before the holidays. Not to mention one of the reasons I stopped subbing to Pro in the past was because of your tendency to change things without little or no notice and often not for the better, and it is hard for a person like myself who doesn’t have a lot of money to justify spending money a year-long sub to a service that I cannot trust will be useable for me for the duration of that sub.

It seems that, for the time being, I can still access the new words in my courses via the web app, but this Beta app was clearly not designed with disabled users like me in mind and in addition to it being laggy and not very smooth, I struggle with the typing portions on my tablet. I do not see me being able to use the web app to keep up my daily practice to the degree I had been on the Android app, and I am wondering that after all these years of using Memrise, if this is the end for me with this app.

Hi Langwitch, we were having some problems on Friday on this area, but they should be resolved now, have you tried the app again today?