Official: Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary with Audio

It is complete, finally! I completed a Biblical Hebrew course with Modern Hebrew audio. Though the Niqqud is used, it also accepts answers without them.

What’s included? Every word appearing 10+ times, as well as 97 of the most common Proper Nouns.

Here’s the link:

Please post any corrections/suggestions on this post. תודה רבה!


Hola Señor,

40 words in and so far I really like what you’ve done. Found this on DuoLing and glad I did as generally I’m more interested in Biblical Hebrew.

I noticed in level 2 that there is a Qal/Pa’al form of the verb דבר, is this correct? It seems like the Pi’el form is the most common. In fact I didn’t even think there was a Pa’al form of this verb.

So far this is all I’ve noticed, seems you’ve done a very good job. Thanks for all the hard work.

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So, I double check my vocabulary books and made a note about the Qal pattern. It does exist, but it’s very rare.

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