Off for just over a week - point values earned has changed

Have not been able to log into memrise for just over a week. On returning, have found points earned during a review session have dropped by a large margin (previous was 14,000-15,000 per 100 words reviewed on a beta version timed speed review to the current max or 6000 points. Will this return to previous levels over time. I enjoy the learning/review process and became accustomed to the point levels prior to my absence.


I think it’s better as the speed review points were disproportionate to all of the other sections and the others generate a better overall knowledge of the language .

Yes, I noticed the point values for the speed rounds had changed too. The normal reviews (ie 10 words at a time, no clock) remain the same I have found.

I did enjoy doing the speed rounds at the end of my sessions, I used to use it to see if I was getting some semblance of fluidity without having to think too much before I gave the answer.

Hi all, thanks for your posts. We made some system changes at the end of last week that involuntarily caused the points system on Speed Review to change. This has now been fixed, so points should work as before. Apologies for this! Please let us know if you still see any issues :slightly_smiling_face:


Many, many thanks for this. Ironically, I just did a speed round and saw that the points were back to normal, you are gems :grinning: