Obtrusive ads blatantly profit from user created material

I noticed that now you have new extremely obtrusive advertisements in the middle of my study sessions. And it’s not even the Memrise created course!

This just means I will look for another free flash card app with no obtrusive ads. I don’t use memrise materials, I only use my own study sets and those from others. How can you justify making money from advertisers on the study sets created by users for free?
Will I start getting a cut of that money from advertisers on the study sets I made for free?
Because I’m about to just change all my sets to private otherwise. Why should I provide Memrise with quality content made from many hours of my hard work? I did this with the understanding that my work was helping other people like me study for free. And now you are making money from my hard work. Shame on you Memrise.

If this feature is not rolled back in the next 30 days, I will be deleting all my hard work from your site and moving it to anki. I think anki is harder to use, that’s why I use Memrise, but I’ll suck it up and make the move if I think you’re profiting from my hard work.


Hi @nunuvyurbidniz, you can read in more detail our reasoning on this here.

Your reasoning doesn’t matter. There’s an obnoxious way to force ads on people, which you did, and less obnoxious ways.
For example:
watch the ads first for thirty minutes of uninterrupted study.

Interrupting a study session with ads (out loud) is extremely frustrating especially if you’re in a library. It’s also not conducive to learning when your pace is stopped by an unpredictable interruption.

You could have added ads in a classy way, but you chose not to.

Also, you could have put ads on Memrise content and left the user created content ad free. Because you are profiting off my work, which I don’t think is cool. So, I no longer have any of my work public anymore.

Maybe you could at least let people who make contributions with great study sets have an ad free experience.

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