- o/ö & a/ä not recognized as different from memrise

Any reason memrise does not recognize the difference between o/ö and a/ä ?
if I am being tested for example to the word “mökki” and I type mokki instead of mökki it will take take it as correct.

I do not know why, but if you enable strictly typing it will

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Hi @lingorun,

Yes, as Atikker says, it depends on whether the person who created the course set the ‘strict typing’ feature on or off. I think it is only the course creator who can enable or disable that feature.

Which course is it?


How do I find this “strict typing” feature? I have the same problem with some Swedish courses, where there are three different versions of the letter “A”.

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from column editing, testing tab

(I think you know that å and ä are not actually versions of ‘a’ but totally different letters)


it actually SHOULD differentiate between different letters, but the system is just not configurated to do that


Yes. I think the only way around it is for course creators to enable the ´strict typing´ feature and to add the ín-browser keyboard to make it easier for learners. Although, when I’m using my laptop, I switch between keyboard languages because I find that quicker than selecting the in-browser keyboard characters.


Yes. That can be particularly annoying. There are a couple of courses I am learning where the creator has been inconsistent in the use of capital letters which makes things more difficult than they need to be. :unamused:

When it is someone else’s course, there’s not much you can do and I don’t see Memrise finding a fix anytime soon. It kind of helps a little that they expanded the explanation in the Knowledge Base of how punctuation is treated following ‘the great comma kerfuffle’ last year but I wonder how many people have seen that? I’ll post a link here so more people may see it: http://feedback.memrise.com/knowledgebase/articles/1104374-a-guide-to-typing-tests-tapping-tests-and-memrise


thanks @alanh

I most definitely will look this thing when I get near computer

Thanks so much, that is just what I need!

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Thank you all for your replies @alanh @Atikker @amanda-norrsken
It’s so annoying that memrise doesn’t recognize those letters as independent but as variations of a & o. It’s not even “just a Finnish problem”. Same problem with multiple other languages.
I was not aware of the “strict typing” feature but it seems that enabling it could create another set of problems. :angry::unamused:

Hi @lingorun,

In this course that I made some time ago, I did not originally enable ‘strict typing’ but did include the in-browser keyboard for “ä” and “ö”, I have now turned ‘strict typing’ on. Unfortunately, that may catch a few people out initially. :pensive:

I just tried to enable “strict typing”, but maybe it is just a feature that only course creators - as opposed to mere course contributors like myself - are allowed to activate.

At any rate, using a Windows computer with a Chrome browser, I was unable to activate this feature.

Funnily enough, though, when I went to the first part of the 8,000+ Most Common Swedish Words course, the feature appeared not to be enabled there, either, but when I type something as, for example, “andra”, when it should be 'ändra", the system marks it as wrong. But on the later courses in this four-part course, the same mistake would be marked as correct.

What do you make of that?


You are right. Course contributors cannot change testing styles. The ‘cans’ and ‘can’ts’ are listed here: http://feedback.memrise.com/knowledgebase/articles/525167-add-a-contributor-to-my-course

If that Swedish course is in four parts, it’s possible the creator used different settings for different parts eg only enabled ‘strict typing’ in some parts (either intentionally or unintentionally).

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you have to enable stricktly typing for every database you want to use it. If you have like 15 databases and you want all the course to be very strickt errors may happen

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The problem is that the original course creator, “sehiralti”, seems to have moved on and is no longer active on memrise. I wonder if memrise would be able to change my status so that I could make these changes?

Who do you think I would need to contact in this case?

I don’t think it will be possible to change your status but you could ask @Lien to try to contact sehiralti to invite him/her to this forum. If there is no response, Lien may be willing to enable the strict typing feature but, at the end of the day, it’s sehiralti’s course. You will need to let Lien have the course title(s).


I think I have seen that people have taken over other people’s courses - presumably with permission from the original creator - so it might be possible.

“sehiralti” seems to be quite reclusive, though, so I think he might not be interested in joining this forum. But I hope that he would be willing to allow the “strict typing” function. He also created some Finnish courses, I wonder if there is the same problem there.

I’ll try contacting someone at memrise and will of course mention which courses need this function. Thanks so much for all your help!

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OK. Good luck!

While you are at it, maybe you could ask them for a progress report on MemriseMatty´s Post No 31 on this other topic: How are we supposed to communicate with the course creators? :laughing:

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