O Meu Português (with audio) IN PROGRESS

By AndriLindbergs

Really liking this course.

Just FYI I have noticed that there are a couple of errors in distinction in these lessons.

“To Whomever” can be answered correctly as both
A quem quer que, and De quem quer que there is no way to know which answer the application requires.

Perhaps distinguish them with a number… 1 & 2

also there is no way of distinguishing between A frente de and EM frente de, both are identified as “in front of”…

Same problem with POR cima de, and A cima de,
both are identified as " above, on top of "… these may well be interchangeable in practice but, for the purposes of satisfying the limitations of the application, some way of distinguishing one from the other would be most helpful.