Numpad keyboard shortcuts

Hello all,

Just to let you know, we deployed a change for the new learning sessions so that the numpad should now work for keyboard shortcuts. Hope it’s useful!

Once again, let us know if you have any new issues.

James on Web


With Firefox, when I enable the “Search for text when you start typing” option, I cannot use the numpad.


More exactly, if I start typing a digit, it kinda works: the answer is selected but it also starts typing, and then any subsequent digit (or any other key) continues the search and does not select a new answer.

So if I want to use the numpad, I need to hit the Esc key between each digit, which is really annoying.

For the record, this issue did not exist with the previous system, prior to the Beta version.

Edit: I don’t know if the problem has the same origin, but I just realized I reported a very similar problem about a year ago New design of Learn with Locals - #12 by vincoof