Numbers on Keyboard not accepted in multiple choice test

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    General issue when presented with multiple choices - the system does not accept pressing the number on the keyboard. This only happens when I have my czech keyboard on, if I switch back to my english one the number keys are accepted. Workaround is using the mouse, but this means moving the hand from keyboards to mouse to keyboard…

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    Happens on MacBook Pro, happens on HP Elitebook running Windows 10, happens on Chromebook with latest Chrome OS. Happens in Edge, Opera, Chrome. Most likely not OS or Browser issue…

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    Start review session. When multiple choice is presented, with numbers on the choices, press the correct number. Nothing happens. Expected reaction: number, and thus choice, is accepted as input

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Thank you for reporting this @mthierst. I’ve now opened a bug ticket (internal code WEBSITE-3271) for this for the team to look into. If you have any more details to add, do let us know.

I’m also experiencing this bug, or something similar. After I complete a typing question using Japanese IME, if the next question is a multiple-choice one, pressing a number (both the top row and the numpad) will not work. Instead, it appears like the cursor is still focused on some invisible text input box and the IME pops up:

If I click somewhere on the page in order to shift the focus to the page itself, then pressing a number works.

I’m using Firefox on Windows 10.

just wanted to say thanks for fixing this (at least my initial issue, not sure if sageru9’s issue is also gone), it makes the revision sessions so much easier

I also find this new… bug? annoying, Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

This issue should be resolved as of the end of January. @sageru9 are you still experiencing your issue? @strawhat64 can you please provide some further details/confirm which keyboard you are using?

Sure, if by keyboard you mean the physical one, then I use Microsoft 900 Wireless. This bug of course appeared with the new version of the site. I use Windows 10 with Microsoft IME.

Normally, if you have changed to MS (Microsoft) IME and you clicked somewhere in order to type, then the letter on the language icon in the notification area is either an “A” or an “あ” depending on what you chose to write in, and usually if you are not typing anything at that moment the letter is always an “A”. I mean, either in English or Japanese. With the new version, even when you are not trying to type anything the “あ” in the notification area remains as it was when it should have changed to “A” since again, you are not trying to type anything.