Number of words per review function broken?

Usually in ‘classic review’ I reviewed only ten words at a time. I haven’t changed this in years. Suddenly in the last few days all of my decks are making me review all words due for review in a single session. This is really annoying. I looked in my settings and it’s still set to only ten words per review session. I tried restarting etc but it hasn’t helped.
Is anyone else having this issue? I’m using as iPhone 8, 13.3.1


I’m having same issue.

I’m having the same issue, it’s been a problem for the last few day… loads every card even when i only have a few words to review… and takes a very long to load and sometimes the app just crashes. these are courses i’ve completed a long time ago. iPad mini 12.4.5

Hi all,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

When you have a moment, can you please let us know:

  • Which device you are using
  • Which OS you are running
  • Which version of Memrise you are using (you can find this information at the bottom of your Settings in the app)

Many thanks,
Memrise team


If you refer to my original post and one of the other replies you will notice that two of us have already posted our devices and OS. The version of Memrise being used for me is v3.1.34.20947
I am still having the same problem.
Thank you very much for your reply

Same here. It looks like it started this week, as I use Memrise everyday.
This is really frustrating as some of my completed courses have over 100 words to review. I like to take 10 at a time, as it then shows me to the review section where I can check the meaning of any words that I was lucky in guessing the correct answer.

Device: iPhone XS
iOS version: 13.4.1
Memrise version: v3.1.34.20947

iPhone 11
iOS 13.3.1
Memrise v3.1.34.20947

iPad Air
iOS 12.4.6
Memrise v3.1.34.20947

@memrise please fix this ASAP! I’m paying for this app and it’s getting very very annoying to review hundreds of vocabs at the same time. I filed a big report stating the iOS version already.

By the way I’m also using an iPhone 8 and the same iOS system as the original person starting the post

after updating to the newest iOS version the bug is still there. Annoying.

I’ve been having the same issue. I should only get 10 words per review session (per Settings) but it runs through them all unless I close it before then. But then I don’t get to see the screen showing what I just reviewed.

iOS 13.3.1
memrise v3.1.34.20947

Same problem here. Big issue because I have over 400 words, and I have a 103-day streak that I’m not willing to break. It’s taken me over an hour twice this week I stead of my usual 10 minutes.

iPhone 11
iOS 13.4.1
Memrise v3.1.34.20947

Same problem here!
Why hasn’t this been solved yet?

I’m using my iPhone 6s
Memrise version v3.1.34.20947

Can this be looked into and solved asap, please?
It’s really demotivating me.
I used to work with Memrise almost daily and now I just don’t see the point…

Morning all! we are aware of this problem and has internally been fixed. We spent all last week trying to get it out to you but stumbled upon some unrelated issues to deliver the update. We expect the update will start coming soon to your devices, starting today.

Apologies for the inconveniences caused


Thank you very much.

EDIT: Still happening as of 13/05, but I’ll keep looking out for it.

Still happening after today’s update to

it should be fixed on which yeah should come either late tonight or during the next couple of days (depending on the phased release)


Just to let you know, this is still happening. I just tried to restart and everything but the review is still doing all words for all the decks.

An update arrived overnight (v3.1.36.21321). It seems to have fixed the issue.