Number of items to plant now shows the number of items planted

Just a small cosmetic observation.
The course screen now shows the number of items learned instead of the number of items to be learned.

Level 10 on this course has 74 words with 70 learned and 4 to learn.

Is this intentional.

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The fact that the Level 10 circle is green, not blue, implies it still has lots of items still to learn.

It also shows the planting hand and “70”.

Are you saying you have learned 70?

I have just checked on an official course I am doing and I agree the count is words learned (ie seeds planted), not remaining.


Yes I have learned 70 on level 10 with only 4 words still to be learned.

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If one looks at a level, then remaining items are shown as a seed to plant!

I’ve realised the same thing and I’d wager that this is a bug. @MemriseSupport, @JBorrego: are you guys aware of the fact that the number next to “to be learned” across a level is now showing the number of learned items instead? Can’t be right …

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Thanks for the reports - this has now been raised to the team (internal code QA-730).

For now, I will mark this post as the solution as it has the most up to date info on this.

Thanks for your patience!



While your app devs are at it: why not report both the number of items learned and the number still to be learned? Applies to the dashboard as well, I always have to estimate what number of words are yet to be learned in courses. :slight_smile:

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