Number of "Daily Words" keeps changing. And what does it mean anyway

There is a screen that pops up for no clear reason that says I have completed my “Daily Words”. First off I don’t know what that means. Daily new words? Daily words review?

Secondly, I keep changing the setting to 5 words and it still pops up as 15.

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Hey there,

could you send us a screenshot? I am not really sure what you mean.
Also, I will kindly suggest you edit your message to use respectful language as we will not tolerate any form of abuse here.



We identified an issue at the end of Speed Review sessions when some specific set of settings are on, an overlay saying you need to learn more words appears. We are working on fixing that for the next release. Hopefully that is the issue we are talking about.

Could you please let us know in a few days, when the update is ready and you have installed it if it continues to occur?