Nova lorque Portuguese Portugal European level 2 some bug

It seems that this word is not properly entered in the system
Please see screen shot attached.

Nova Iorque
Nova lorque

Please let me know if I have misunderstood something

thank you

Hi @pmone and welcome to the forum!

It is unclear as to what course you are refering to. If this is the official Memrise course EN-PT then please re-post your query in the dedicated forum thread which you can find here:

As for the problem itself: would it be possible that there is a lower case “L” instead of the upper case “i”? Since the font doesn’t contain serifs, both are hardly distinguishable, so I’d give that a try to at least be able to move on without ignoring the word and wait for the fix …

thank you very much for the very swift response.

I will try to repost the query to the dedicated forum. I am not used to posting to any forum… but will try.

and no, I was not typing an upper case ‘i’ ‘I’ rather than a lower case ‘L’ ‘l’.

Yes, it is a strange small error for which there is a work around. I was just surprised to find any errors in the official Memrise courses. They work well. (the community courses have many more ‘bugs’… hence I suppose the plan to move them to another site… a good idea)

I was actually referring to the possibility that the error is in the course data, i. e. that it’s “Lorque” there instead of “iorque”.

yes, that could be it…

I have also come across this error in Memrise in the EN/PT course level 2. “New York” is translated as “Nova lorque” and it will not accept that spelling when asked. There is a bug that needs to be fixed.

Further to my question a few minutes ago I now understand the earlier thread on this issue and see that what I thought is a lower case “l” in the second word is in fact an upper case “I” so apparently the Portuguese translation of “New York” is Nova Iorque". Maybe this is true.

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport, they will need to see into this.

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Hi all, yes this particular item has caused some issues and we do have a ticket open to to differentiate ‘L’ and ‘I’ on web. I’m afraid it’s in the backlog currently but I have raised this thread again. To confirm, the item is Nova I(i)orque.