Not saving edits to decks

When I edit the words of my memrise course and click save, the additions have not been added and it just reverts to the old version.

Yeah I got the same problem… it has already started in the morning when I wanted to update some new vocabulary …

Same, except only with one side of the card. I have to click save and refresh the page to check whether it’s actually saved, which most of the time it hasn’t.

Same here.
@MemriseSupport what’s going?

I had the same problem but it’s now working okay I think.

See Trouble with adding words when creating a new course

I tried it again today, still not fixed

Still not fixed for me either, hopefully it gets fixed soon as I want to get back to my learning.

For the record it does save some of them. Just not all, its just quite annoying having to go back a lot of times

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