Not enough time to write

So I’ve been at the Russian 1 course for a couple of days now, and while it is good and very helpful, there is a big flaw for me. There is just not enough time to write out the words in cyrillic. I don’t have a cyrillic keyboard, so I’m just using my mouse to click on the letters, and many times I fail because I just don’t have enough time. I understand if I were learning a language with the regular alphabet and I could use my keyboard, it would be fine, but not with cyrillic and having to use the mouse.

Please add more time, thanks.

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Reminds me about the Mondly webportal and having to tap the word banks with the mouse.
I did not like that very much when it gave me full words (hitting the single letters is of course more difficult / time consuming).

The “Timer Disabler” works on a computer with the Tampermonkey addon.
You could try if you can get userscripts working on a Tablet with the Violentmonkey (or similar) addon.

But when you need to tap the presented on-screen single letters, personally I rather would like to use a touchscreen (tablet, smartphone) device, no matter if in the mobile app or with the browser which support touch/tapping.

Or try to get a (Windows/Linux/Mac or whatever computer OS you have running) switching keyboard installed and configured (hotkeys activated it), so you can use your normal hardware (US) keyboard but with a different letter layout.

exact same problem here
typing is too long to coop with the timer I just can’t use memrise on the web though i am a paid user