Not being prompted to review words often enough

I’m about half-way through Russian 1. My daily goal is 15 words per day (on the app) but my issue is that the app keeps trying to push me to learn more words and it almost never asks me to review.

I have 22 difficult words right now (and probably more that haven’t been detected) and it just keeps suggesting to do the ‘words and phrases’ lesson type well after I have learnt the original 15. I can’t remember half the stuff I learned from yesterday and it just never wants to me review it. Just keep learning new words but none of the words are sinking in!

Am I just using the app wrong, should I just keep learning new words (even though I think I will just forget them)?

Hi @Jonamun , and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
You don’t need to follow the app’s suggestion. You can press the “options” icon and choose what you want to do, for example, choose “classic review”.
More information in the Memrise FAQ:

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Hi @Jonamun,

In addition to the excellent advice Milany has given you (she beat me to it) you can just practice your difficult words.

You can also add to your list by looking at the words and changing the greyed out lightning bolt (:cloud_with_lightning: - no cloud included :wink: ) to a black one.