Norwegian Prepositions and verbs - level 4

Wrong translation for “å kunne” - it is not “to know” - should be “to be able to/ can”. Will this be corrected?

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While “to know” is translated to “å vite” most of the time, you can use “å kunne” to mean “to know” in some cases, like…

“Jeg kan gangetabellen utenat.” (I know the table of multiplication by heart)
“Jeg kan hele historien.” (I know the whole story)

It’s a way to express that you’re possessing certain information or knowledge. In the examples above, you actually cannot use “å vite” (maybe the second example, but not without paraphrasing).

But you’re absolutely right it means “å vite” most of the time and should be translated as such. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Amanda. Thank you for the information. I’m not sure how to contact “shamiim” so I’ll try the contacts you suggested.


With any luck, they will reply here directly in this thread, now that I have tagged them. At least that is how it has worked before.