Norwegian 3 spoken differs from vocab

The exploration unit from Norwegian 3 official.

The phrase «bagasjen min er for tung» is said in the audio as «min bagasje er for tung» is this like intentional to show different ways of saying the same thing or is it an accident? it’s annoying because it marks it wrong if you write it the way it’s said.


Hei! There are one two other errors too I have found. e.g. : “kan du snakker saktere, vaer så snill” heard as “…saktere, er du snill”; “å gjøre en avtale” heard as “å lage en avtale”.
Referring to another post, there are also occasional words not auto-recognised when spelt correctly. Not seen a reply from Memrise to these posts?

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Actually, we hardly ever say “vær så snill” like that, so “er du snill” is what people usually say.

Thank you. Yes, interesting - my Norwegian friends say so too. It was just that this was an example of a few occasions on Memrise where the spoken phrase doesn’t quite match the written phrase.

Thank you all for flagging this. We’re now in the process of fixing this.
We’re very sorry this has taken so long.