Norwegian 1 for American English speakers: mismatch between learned/available words

The Norwegian 1 course shows that I’ve learned 229 of 230 words. However, each individual lesson shows that I’ve completed all words (which sum to 230).

When I select “Words and Phrases”, I get an error “Error Sorry, there was an error loading the session!”.

Hi @topps13 :slight_smile:

I checked on your learning list and you are studying Norwegian 1 for American English speakers:

You have reported that you have learned all the words, but the program thinks there is still one word left. This is a bug and you are right to comment on this forum.

But if you have not done so yet, you can submit a bug report:

PS: This type of bug is also appearing in the Norwegian 2 for British English speakers (see here and here) and Norwegian 2 for American English speakers (see here).


Apologies for us not noticing this. Are you still having the same issue?