Non-standard study of the German language

Hi friends
I decided to learn German, but the usual training is not interesting for me and I decided to try something new. My friends recommended that I learn the language through German video games or German casinos in general.
What suggestions will you have? Any weird ideas would be cool
Thank you

This is a really cool idea because this way you will memorize words and pronunciation much faster. This has already been tested.
When you hear a language while relaxing, it is much easier to learn it. And I know this from my own experience. Once upon a time, I decided to try to learn German with the help of a casino, because there I could communicate with native speakers, and still make good money. Thanks to the casino reviews I read on, I chose Spinia Casino. Given that, I realized that this is really the best casino in Switzerland, which offered very favorable conditions. It is thanks to this casino that I have spoken to many native speakers of German and also learned many dialects. It was not only one of my easiest language lessons, but also the most profitable. So I recommend you try it too. It’s really easy and useful.

I watch German broadcasters on play video games. They’ll play them in German. They will talk back and forth with their chat, so you have their audio and the written chat on the right side of the screen.

Really it’s only a little different from watching German movies with German subtitles, but maybe you’ll get a kick out of it.