Should’nt the Non-Language courses have one rank higher category, alongside The Language Quarters?

I Believe it would be good step to make.

There is still not too many primary categories . There is no need to worry, that it would be messy.

On the other hand … it is messy when going through this category and when tring to find or organise anxthing related to some subcategory (like chemistry courses, mathematics, art and so on)

If so, who could make it reality? And whom should we call over here?

I dare to call here @DW7 :slight_smile: because I know you know a lot about related matters :slight_smile: .

Hi @petr.r.skupad8, thanks for your comment.

As you will know (I believe you have visited the ‘wish list’ thread Course Creator’s Wish List) I and many others - and even before on previous Forums - have suggested many changes to the ‘tree’ of non-language courses (ie where they are listed etc) but to no avail.

MemRise (aka ZiggyRise) with it’s app, is aimed at a different market and majors on their language courses. Nothing wrong with that.

Although many of us old-timer created lots of other courses (on the web platform), which grew the user-base, that is not their market currently. Perhaps in time they will consider the wider potential of the other courses offered. I even find it hard on the app to find anything else!

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I understand.

However do you think, practically speaking, that the forum’s categorization tree must follow the courses listing organization to the dot?

I mean ,

  1. does it technically have to? … Memrise admins will not allow the categorization here to go separate way… or are we allowed?

  2. Is it not defendable that at least the forums need finer categorisation than course “searching tree”? … It is completelly discouraging to create for example general thread about chemistry resourses and at the same time threads about particular courses … it would be lost in the mess.
    On the contrary, while searching courses… “find function” somewhat compensate it.

(It is time costly, however I can search out course I want, however … threads are not organisable by its name this way … they are bound to each other just by place where they are kept)

  1. In some instances … In iOS app for example, The Course searching tree IS ALREADY DIVIDED into two main categories:
    So technically speaking we would follow the already existing categorisation pattern, wouldn’t we?

Respectfully “no” - because the system is not right to start with.

For instance there are “Star & Astronomy” courses in at least two if not three places (including Exam level courses in Trivia!) and the same is true of “Geology, Volcanoes & material science” and for “Geography”.

As you will have seen, I have created a ‘grand-central’ (start here post) which I try to advertise on courses (although we are limited to space - but it’s on my course profile page. [Course Forum] Courses by and supported by DW7 ~ READ THIS! ~ START HERE! ) and then listed where to find courses.

In other words, all Star & Astronomy courses have one thread not one per course nor even one per higher level.

Very few people find these course forums but if they searched for key words or creator or my “name” (DW7) they should also find them.

Have a look at my ‘start here’ thread and follow some links to see what I mean. Hope that helps.

So what next? Is there a way? See ad 3)

Yes they would be under other topics. Why not follow my pattern?

It does not create higher categories. It navigates through what there is. It is helpfull as organisational thread … as such it does not mutually exclude itself with leveling up the category.

Funny is, that its own biggest weekness is its actuall category placement it is dependent on.

As long as you do not find a link for this navigation thread … you are still lost. Level-up in categorization will help your thread aswell to be found.

Anyway your navigation approach is good, yet something else in aim and scope.

Does not provide inbuilt functionalities inherent to categorization … like suggested pages being just as an example (bellow every discussion you see suggested pages based on what subcategory you are)

It gives an idea how to make your way in a mess to some very particular courses, however the mess is still there and cannot be undone through it. And it does not help the reader to orient himself outside chosen subgroup of courses.

Does not provide space for additional threads.

Navigational threads and one level finer three would help each other and reinforce each other (not preclude each other)

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