Non-exhaustive list for learning Korean

(Gil Kim) #22

I just tried lang-8 and they aren’t accepting new registrations. They created a new program called HiNative, though. Through HiNative, you can ask questions about your target language and answer questions about your native language.

(Nigu84) #23


I just found this thread talking about this issue related to lang-8.

From what I gather in the first reply, they are experiencing technical issues and it is supposed to reaccept applications at some point in the future. I checked my account, I can still log into it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help here. Better check again in a couple of days or weeks.

Good luck

(Christietje) #24

Hi,I found a cool site and extension to use for reading in Korean. It’s called Readlang and will translate words and phrases when you select them. They will also get added to a wordbank where you can learn them in context.

I’ve tried the extensions Toktogi and Nave before and I think Readlang is more userfriendly. Toktogi doesn’t really work and I think the Naver extension just shows too much info. Might just be my preference but maybe people would like to try this extension as well. It can also be used for learning other languages.


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