Non-breaking spaces in text

I’m doing the German 5 course, though I’m sure the issue exists in other courses and other languages.

Some phrases contain a non-breaking space (U+00A0 aka  ) in place of a normal space (U+0020); the result is that typing the correct answer (with a normal space) is not automatically accepted as correct, though it is still accepted if the ‘check’ button is clicked.

It would be good to replace them all with normal spaces.

[As a test example, there is “Gitarre spielen”]

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I’ve noticed this issue a while ago in the official French 1 course for English speakers and it’s being bugging me ever since. From what I can tell it happens across all official French courses. This is an annoying subtle issue that I’m sure many people just have learned how to cope with it – in the mobile app it means you basically have to waste your hints to get the answer right – because if you don’t know what a non-breaking space is, it’s hard to come forward and describe it.

The non-breaking spaces I’ve noticed appear mostly in phrases ending with an exclamation mark (!) or interrogation point (?). For example, in the French 1, level 1 we have the phrase:

ça va ?

Side note: Discourse – the platform we’re using here for discussions – is smart enough to replace non-breaking spaces with normal spaces if we copy paste them.

In such cases they always appear right before the exclamation mark/interrogation point.

Though it would be really nice to have those little guys asked to leave, one possible side effect is that the words/phrases already learned that contain them would get the progress reset and we’d have to learn them again, I’m afraid. But I’m more then willing to pay that price, if I have to, in order too get this issue fixed.

Kind regards :slightly_smiling_face: