"Noen" and "Litt" meaning "some"

What is the difference between those two?

In Lesson 42 of Norwegian B-1, “some coffee” is translated as “litt kaffe” but “some beer” is translated as “litt ol.” When do we use “litt” and when do we use “noen”?

“Litt” is for uncountable things and “noe/noen” is for countable thing. In that regard, “noen” is similar to “a couple of…” or “a few,”.

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When is “noe” used?

I acknowledge what you said about “litt” (uncountable) and "noen “countable,” but despite that there are some queries:-

Norwegian B-1 Lesson 64

“Du kjøpte litt kaffe” meaning “You bought some coffee”
“Du spiste noen svin” meaning “You ate some pork”

Both examples seem non-countable to me and that contradicts what you wrote earlier on about “litt” being “uncountable” and “noen” being “countable” and when is “noe” used?