No Timer option in the "Settings" (Beta). Need help to switch it on!


Lesson Timer is gone. I want it back.

Tried : Settings > Learning > Lesson Timer > On

BUT, there is no “Timer” (pls see the image).

I use Asus notebook.
Browser: Chrome

Please help! Studying without Timer is rather useless.


Timer not working for me either, even though I see the option in settings.


Hi both, I’m afraid the timer was not added to the rebuilt sessions.
It was our most complained about feature on the site as people thought it was stressful, and hence we had to add the ability to turn on or off.
We looked at the time it would take to add the timer and the toggle for the rebuild and the proportion of suers who had the timer on and off and decided it was not worth doing.
The setting will be deleted soon as it is no longer relevant.
I’m sorry for the disappointment.

Well, the disappointment is huge I have to admit.


This whole thing is starting to look like amateur hour. We tried doing mems, but it was too much trouble. We were going to keep a basic timing function that we’ve had forever, but we decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. We still haven’t fixed most of the actual problems from before, like keeing up-to-date counts of words to review. We can’t be bothered to avoid alienating the folks that have used Memrise for years because they actually liked the features it has, but hey, it loads faster, so get over it. Quite a lot of us would jump at the chance to go back to the legacy site, even with one of the slowest loading pages on the entire Internet. I’m sorry, adding a timer function is not exactly advanced coding, so that response is really an insult to those who liked it.


except it doesn’t load faster @ndiver. It’s much slower now at least for me.

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Oh god. At least for me, the dashboard is way faster. I tried beta several times to get that benefit, but it was never worth it because of all of the other problems, so I always switched back. Until, at least, they decided that it was time to end it. If the dashboard were slower, I’d jump to quizlet or whatever else in a half second, even though I’d have to “relearn” something like 30,000 words. I fear for the death of memrise, I really do.

Just wanted to add my +1 for being disappointed that the timer is gone. It ensured I had to pay attention and rely more on intuitive retrieval from my brain. To me that’s beneficial for learning.

I hope this » suggestion « and request helps.