No Syncing (Android to Web or Web to Android)


Yesterday I updated Memrise on my Android device.

Since then the syncing is not working anymore:

  • reviewed words and new words learnt on Android app do not reflect to memrise web
  • reviewed words and new words learnt on memrise web do not reflect to Android app

I tried to reinstall the app but it didn’t help, i just lost all the progress made on the app (i lost the new words that i had learnt on the app)

Before updating the app it took almost 2 or 3 minutes to display the list of all the decks i am learning ( I am learning more than 100 different decks ). Now that I have updated the app, the list of the decks takes only 10 seconds. I think the app is just not fetching my data from memrise servers.

Can someone help me ?

Thank you, Raphael


If I get it right your problem is similar to mine described here:

Try to

  1. Delete your app. Clean cache on your phone via Cache Cleaner or another app with the same feature, then reinstall the Memrise app. It worked for me, but only for some time, then I saw this bug again.

  2. Install old version of the app - it’s more secure step, still works OK. You can find old apk files on apkpure, for instance.

@ale_c @JBorrego @MemriseSupport

Guys, you should look at this issue one more time.

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Many thanks @Hombre_sin_nombre, you saved my day !

I first cleared cache and date of memrise, reinstalled it throuhj PlayStore, cleared the cache and data again just to make sure and the app worked and synced properly for one review session only. On the second review session, it did not sync my results again, even when i cleared the cache.

So i installed a downgraded version from 28 august and now the app works and syncs properly, like before

Thank you ! :slight_smile:



Sorry for the delay in replying.

This was a known issue which has since been fixed. Please rest assured that you can use the latest update without any further issues. :slight_smile:

If you need further assistance, simply reply to this thread or contact us via or in the app.

Best wishes,



If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Somehow I’ve lost all my streaks. Thank God I’m not chasing them.

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@ale_c Yes I confirm it works and syncs properly, thank you for the quick fix :slight_smile:

Strange to see that this issue is supposed to be fixed. I usually use the web version, but decided to try the app. I’m logged into both with the same account. The app version of memrise is 2023.06.13.0.
Yet, there is no sync between the two.

I also see this - revisions done on the app don’t synch back to the web version. Latest App version on Android.

Has there been any progress with this issue? I have cleared the app cache but the web and app versions are not matching. I reset my Polish course a few weeks ago due to disappointment with Early Access, the web version started from the beginning but the app has not picked up the change.

Hello Kazar63,

We are sorry to hear you are having difficulties.

Please log out and log back in again. That would reset the storage. If the problem continues please reach out on the customer service page to fill an official form on and we will address.

Thank you.

Memrise Customer Service.

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Hi @Attia77, no offence intended, but is there any specific reason as to why you don’t post as @MemriseSupport?

Or perhaps you, @Attia77, can add the shield to identify you as MemRise Team, please.

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Yes of course. we will do this shortly

Thank you.