No sound for some words

There is no sound for a lot words in the app
Every time i want to learn or review these words i just practice with the definition not pronunciation
Please look at the screenshot as an example

This seems to be a community course. These do not necessarily have audio, and particularly not for each and every entry.

Please post a link to the course. Also, check whether the course’s author is here on the forum (check their name in the course, then write it out here with a leading @, i. e. @Reza_Asharian. If it looks like your name, the user has a forum account and will be notified. If not, you won’t be able to do all too much other than to try and become a contributor to the course and do the work yourself.

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Here’s the link of the course:

But I couldn’t find the course author here :frowning:

Yes, @CambridgeUniversityPress doesn’t seem to have a forum account. Also, this user doesn’t seem to be an active learner here.

FWIW, the user-name indicates some sort of affiliation to CUP, so - on the off chance - you could try and contact them. Look here:

Best of luck!