No session choice

  • Description of the issue:

  • I have items to review in a course. When I try to start a Classic Review session from the dashborad I don’t get to choose this (or any other option than the preselected one) from the session selection screen.

  • Windows 10 - Firefox - on several courses

  • Here’s a screen recording:

no session choice

Hi @duaal,

That isn’t good! I’ve created a ticket for the team, who will look into this asap.

In the meanwhile, could you please load on a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge) and confirm if it happens on there too?

I look forward to your response.


Can confirm problem on Edge and on Firefox Android so I don’t think it’s browser related.

My hypothesis is it’s related to the number of words learnt sofar because I encounter this problem only in courses I just recently started. I think it won’t let me review until I learn more “words”.

Just tested this and the problem occurs with less than four words learnt in a course.

I’ve seen a similar problem, albeit on Android. It happens only very sporadic (I’d say I saw it less than 5 times in total). In these cases, I wasn’t able to start any session. Restarting the app did the trick though.