No option for Turkish Capitals

I Turkish Garden Memrise and other Turkish courses there is a panel that allows you to type in the special Turkish letters that don’t appear on an English keyboard. The trouble is there is no upper case letters to choose from. So if the phrase begins with an upper case Turkish letter you can never get the phrase right.
Example… Icecek birsey var mi ( no access to any special Turkish letters in this screen) but the I in Icecek should have a dot over it…frustrating !

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Sounds frustrating indeed.
Perhaps post in the bugs section? I believed that answers were usually not case sensitive.

You could also consider contacting the course creator, as they can add alternatives with only lower case to the answers.

Thanks John,
Yes I have found generally answers are not case sensitive, but quite a few on this Turkish site are.

I wasn’t quite sure how to contact the course creator, but I will look into it.

Thanks again


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Contact creator:

  • if on this forum: top-right profile icon, then the envelop, then type in the course creators nickname into the to field.
  • if course creator does not have an account on this forum, ask Lien; put a reply here saying something like 'Hi, @ + Lien (without the space and the plus, because that will tag her), could you make me a contributor for this course:
    Hope this helps!

Great. Thanks John