No one wants decks!

(Pitchounette1) #22

I’ll cancel my subscription as well. 1. It won’t be available on non-mobile devices. I almost always use Memrise with my laptop, because it’s HUGE difference between learning with app and laptop. I hate to use phone. The level of official Memrise courses is too low to learn them with a laptop. I liked Memrise because, in general (with member-courses), had higher level than for example Duolingo 2. When I used smartphone for learning : I payed ONLY because I could revise and learn offline- at the bus, train etc. ONLY. No application and offline learning- no payed subscription. It’s obvious. As someone else said - If you make this change, you will lose all of your Premium members. 3. What will you do with MEMS?

(Phillip Bennett76) #23

I would be completely unhappy if Decks doesn’t have an app. I do the majority of my vocabulary review on Russian through the app. Creating a new site is completely inconvenient. If anything, they should optimize the app to allow you to create your own decks through it.

(Christianhallensleben) #24

Same here, without community courses I would not have paid anything to them and now they announce to stop my courses and mobile app 30 days after renewal the yearly subscription. I feel tricked and really pissed that some noobs decided to degrade such formerly great piece of software.

(Céid) #25

I’m another Pro user who’s very unhappy, I won’t be renewing my Pro sub since I use user-created courses only now and Decks will not support either user stats or offline mode.

Memrise isn’t perfect the way it is now, but I’m an experienced language learner and that I use Memrise daily over all my other options says something about its usefulness and accessibility as it is now. But I dread that decks will take that away, as so many of my language courses are user-created courses for less popular languages or more advanced study in mainstream language that is beyond what the official Memrise courses cover.

(Jack Loo85) #26

Yep - I would continue paying the price of Pro to use community courses with the current memrise mobile app.

(Hucke77) #27

I have canceled via the Google Play Store, effective on my anniversary date in July.

I have lost hope that this “decks” site will be any good. If it was at all comparable to the app, they’d show it to us.

That they’re killing the thing we love and won’t even show us the replacement yet demonstrates a gross lack of respect and empathy for loyal customers.


(Phillip Bennett76) #28

I totally agree. I use the Memrise app to study my own cards the most. I enjoyed their repetition system more than Quizlet but now they are removing all the decks I made to study specifically on the app. This is totally selfish.

(Fisher Lanham55) #29

Yes, I got sucked up in their holiday lie. I bought a year long subscription for their service, and now they are taking the most important part away from me (offline and App based, user-created courses).

What a sham. Memrise is literally stealing money from me, and trying to pass it off as “improvement.”

There are 0 situations in which removing a feature (App support) for a non feature (shitty mobile website) is an improvement. None. Zero. Nada. Zip.

I hope their investors call them up and tell them they’re being foolish.

(Wrong Argument) #30

Adding my voice to those saying they will leave if this goes ahead.

(Crazy Dave2345) #31

Yeah we pay for a monthly service, for long term learning, and then they take it away! A mobile website is no good because cellular data is expensive and the website will certainly be worse.

I encourage everyone who’s cancelling to ask for a refund instead by contacting support directly.

(Eriinnye) #32

you can still try to get a refund (this link was posted in the main announcement by a memrise admin)
I did the same, and they told me that they will write me again after decks starts.

(White Haven) #33

Honestly, if they go through with this, I am cancelling the subscription. I am using mainly my own courses anyway. Shame shame shame. In my opinion memrise is shooting itself in the knee…


Good News:

(Kalrog) #35

Only thing that makes duolingo trash compared to memrise is thousands of community created courses. I like it how it is. Very dissappointing.

(Liiseo) #36

I want my Pro subscription and Learn with Locals back, it’s the reason why i choose this app in the first place and is it even legal to just terminate an paid app…plus the amount of community courses bound to dissappear, what were they even thinking???

(Judith Ain64) #37

As a devoted Memrise user, I agree, Decks sounds like a terrible idea to me. I am learning an umber of different languages using both official Memrise courses and community created courses. When the new regime is implemented I will need to bounce back and forth between Memrise and Decks for each of these languages while I am working on my various courses in each language. So as I work through my different languages I will be forced to go back and forth, and back and forth and back and forth … from one website to another, or from one app to another. How inelegant is that! Sounds totally annoying to me. I hope that you are sure to put the Decks app in the Kindle app store, or I will be even more annoyed. Memrise has been so great. I hope this is not the beginning of the end.